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Are you looking
for a loyalty program
for your brick-and-
mortar shop?

Our Bring Your Own Device plan lets
you run your in-store loyalty program
from your existing iOS or Android
device. With the Loyalti Center app
and our atented Stamps, you can
check-in customers, award points and
redeem rewards quickly and easily.

Plus, your
program comes
with a built-in
marketing suite

so that you can send email, text
and push marketing campaigns to
bring your customers back faster.

Choose from Three Plan Options

Mobile Plan

system with basic
marketing suite.

Up to 250
shopper accounts.

Email and
push campaigns.

Pro Plan

Counter kiosk
with expanded
marketing suite.

Up to 2000
shopper accounts.

Email and
push campaigns.

Premium Plan

Advanced AI-enhanced
marketing suite with
customized counter kiosk.

shopper accounts.

Email, push, SMS
and MMS campaigns.

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