Our promise

At Loyalti, we take kindness very seriously.

Every year, Loyalti donates 1% of its revenue to a charity.

Here's why:

Our very first customer was Two Sons' Sandwiches in San Francisco. Joseph (Joe) Salameh, then owner of Two Sons', was the first person to take a chance on Loyalti back when it was just an idea on a piece of paper. He was willing to let us test out our ideas and product at his store and provided us with a lot of valuable feedback and support during the early days. We'd not be where we are today had Joe not given us a chance over two years ago.

Unfortunately, Joe passed away at a very young age just a few months after we started working with him. While there is nothing we can do to replace Joe and his impact on our company, we have been thinking of ways to honor his memory and show gratitude for all he did for us.

Joe was a significant contributor to his community through his volunteering efforts. To keep Joe's philanthropic spirit alive, Loyalti will donate 1% of its revenue to charities that we believe Joe would have loved.

This is our promise, and to this day, we are so grateful for people like Joe.

We'd also like to thank all of our customers who have made it possible for us to keep Joe's spirit alive. We wouldn't be able to make these contributions without you.

Dheeraj Sanka

Joseph (Joe) Salameh, Two Sons' Sandwiches