Simple and easy loyalty programs for specialty dessert shops

Cakes, cupcakes, pies, chocolate — you can easily and confidently generate repeat business to your dessert shop with Loyalti’s easy rewards program. Here’s how…



Per location per month.
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Sweeten the deal with a loyalty program

Help your customers get their sugary fix with Loyalti’s delightfully simple rewards program. Track points for your regulars, and surprise and delight your first-time customers. Award points based on your specific criteria. Getting your customers back into the shop is as easy as pie!

Save time with Loyalti's automated campaigns

Get 10 times better results than traditional email marketing with Loyalti’s automated campaigns. Loyalti’s automated campaigns determine the best times to send promotions to your customers to get them back in your store. Let us send relevant, personalized, and well-timed messages to your customers instead of just relying on standard email marketing blasts and newsletters.

No more slow days

Send both email and text message campaigns on those slow days to get your sweet-treat regulars through the door. Your dessert shop will thank you!

Loyalty that looks like you

You have worked hard on your brand, now let your brand work for you. Loyalti’s rewards program is entirely custom-branded, which means it’s all your branding and your experience. (The way it’s meant to be!). Do you know what’s annoying for customers? Having to download a completely separate mobile app just to track their points. That’s why Loyalti’s rewards program doesn’t require downloading anything; customers can sign up within seconds and start earning points.

Support for multiple locations

Got multiple locations? Loyalti’s got you. You’ll be able to enable each location with a Loyalti account and give your managers and franchisees the power of easy rewards programs, automated campaigns, and emails and text messaging. Plus, view reports by location and see the absolute best promotions your managers ran!

"I win, and my team wins when we see the increase in sales and foot traffic. Loyalti helps us increase our signups and increase the conversion rate of a new customer to a regular customer."



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