We bring you more customers by analyzing and leveraging your existing customer base.

Let us manage your customer growth and marketing so you can focus on running your business.

Easy Setup

Easy to use software brings loyal customers back. We set up hardware, software and train your staff in 15 minutes.

Understand Your Customer Base

We analyze your customer data, purchasing behavior and leverage learnings to create growth opportunities.

Drive More Customer Visits

Our intelligent growth engine identifies the right customers to target referrals, discounts and other promotions.

What our customers are saying.

"Loyalti is a great way to reward our customers and learn more about our business. We value the customer analytics as well as the high level of customer support provided by their staff"
"We have never experienced a loyalty program as effective as Loyalti. It is easy to use for both us and the customer, and the analytics are invaluable"

One simple price.

$99 / mo 
  • Software and hardware are included.