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Loyalti Corporation


Metro Economic Development Senior VP  (2014)

"Al is awesome to work with ... a real pro." 

Company President (2013)

"You remain a voice of reason, and I so appreciate that in you." 
Community Development Leader (2011)
"Al is not only a fundraiser, but also an organizational consultant." 
Retail & Service (Georgia 2009)
"Loyalti's strategic forecasting with us was accurate and timely."
Retail & Service (Georgia 2008)
"We always find our consultations useful and ready for implementation."
Mayor & Council (Georgia Municipality 2008)
"This is the best facilitation of a leadership retreat I have ever experienced. We got things done, and enhanced our teamwork."
School Board Member (2008)
"We have representation by a thoroughly professional individual to be successful with our capital initiative."
CEO Distribution (2007)
"We have more revenue producing and profitable business relationships as well as a greater market presence. The marketing focus we've created Online Onsite Ontime represents goals and promises that we keep."

President/Founder Not-For-Profit (2006)
"I have been able to make advances with financial commitments and grants based on the model for organizational excellence you have helped us implement for our programs."

Executive Director Not-For-Profit (2005)
"Your presentation is phenomenal. I am so pleased that the business document reflects what we want to represent."

COO - Corporate Service (2002)
"The best customer care seminar I've ever participated in. Every corporate manager should have been there."

General Manager - Avaiation (2004)
"WOW. Terrific event! You've GOT TO SERVE SOMEBODY."

Manager - State of Washington City Health Department (2004)
"Your services are everyting we hoped for, right on the money. We are pleased with the deliverable. Sensitive to key issues."

Executive Director - Agency (2002)
"We are impressed with Loyalti's capability to lead consensus and achieve results."