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Why are you cheaper than other loyalty programs?

Unlike a lot of our other competitors, we did not go out and raise hundreds of millions of dollars from outside investors. We are not beholden to any shareholders, so we can offer our product at a fair price that works for small businesses across America. We are a small business ourselves, so we understand what other small businesses need. Our sole focus is serving our customers by providing a high-quality product and the highest level of customer service.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. If the product isn't working for you, you shouldn't have to pay for it because you signed a ridiculous contract.

We ask that you return all the equipment to us upon cancellation.

Are there no hidden fees?

Correct. We have 0 hidden fees of any kind. You pay the flat fee per location every month.

Do I get a discount if I have multiple store locations?

If you own 3 or more stores ask us about our multi-location discount :)

What kind of businesses use Loyalti?

Our product tends to work best for Fast-casual restaurants, Coffee shops, Ice cream/Fro-yo shops, Bubble tea stores, Dessert shops, Bakeries, and Hair & nail salons.

If you have a business that doesn't fit any of these categories, feel free to reach out to us, and we can let you know if Loyalti would be a good fit for you.

Is there a limit to how many customers I can sign up for my rewards program?

You can sign up as many customers as you'd like to your rewards program with Loyalti. We recommend signing up as many customers as you can, the higher the number of customers in your rewards program, the better the return on investment for your business.

Is there a limit on how many campaigns I can send?

We do not limit you on the number of campaigns you can send. However, we do recommend not sending more than one text message campaign per week to your customers. If you send out too many campaigns to your customers, you will end up getting a lot of them to unsubscribe from future offers.

Is your text message marketing compliant with TCPA rules and regulations?

We are fully compliant with TCPA rules and regulations. You can focus on sending out your text message campaigns, and we'll handle the compliance for you.