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“I really like working with the Loyalti team. They’re very hands-on. I send them an email or sometimes like a text, and they respond right away.”

Konan Pi



Loyalty with a hefty price tag

When Konan first started his business, he noticed right away that he would need to start rewarding his regulars and encourage new customers to also become regulars.

“I started off with one restaurant and I was working there a lot, and we would see a lot of regulars. Every once in a while, I’d see a regular come in every single day for like 10 days in a row, and I wanted to give him something just to be like, "Hey, thanks for being a regular."

At first, Konan tried rewarding his customers based on memory. Over time, it became clear that he’d need some kind of software or tool that would enable him to track the rewards he gave out to customers.

“I would give them a free meal. But I wasn't there all the time, especially when we started growing, so, you know, I can't really remember all the regulars and I just thought it'd be nice if we had a loyalty program in place where it was just our way of thanking people and give them a free meal and build that brand loyalty.”

Konan originally solved the problem with Fivestars — a popular customer loyalty program. The challenge, however, was that Fivestars came with a large price tag for a small, growing business.

“Fivestars was okay. They're very sales-oriented, very sales driven. They're really expensive. At the time, it was like $300 a month for one location.”


Affordable customer loyalty software

Konan knew that customer loyalty was a must for his business. He needed to be able to track points, reward customers, and market to them when he had new menu items or special offers.

“It helps us with making customers feel good about spending money and giving us business and getting free meals. People get excited about that. And I would say that's like 90% of it.”

But he needed a cheaper solution — and one that didn’t compromise on the features he needs to accomplish his goals.

“The marketing aspects that we can do through texts and email blasts when we introduce new products are important to us. And then also the automated programs that are set up for people's birthdays or if they haven't come in after a certain amount of time. I think those are all really nice touches. Because people get really excited about their birthday, and to get a free meal or something like that for their birthday is great.”

With Loyalti, Konan can easily reward his customers, track their points, and on top of that — save time through Loyalti’s automated campaigns.

“Loyalti set up automated campaigns for us. There's three or four campaigns, and for their birthday, they get a buy one, get one free offer. If they don't come in for 30 days, then they get a 10% off offer, or if it's 60 days, then they get a 20% offer to try to get those people who haven't come back in a while.”


Saving $7,200 a year and 3X ROI

Making the switch from Fivestars was also a no-brainer for Konan. He’s saving $7,200 a year on Loyalti ($2,400 per location) — and with all of the same features that he needed most.

Every time Konan opens up a new location for his business, he pays the same flat monthly price without any surprises or long-term contracts.

Konan’s hunch about implementing a customer loyalty program was correct. Close to 80% of his visits are from repeat customers which helps him save on the cost of acquiring new customers. By automating his promotions with Loyalti, he has been able to recover roughly $5,800 in revenue from inactive customers in the last 6 months.

Konan is also able to send his customers emails and text messages whenever he wants to avoid a slow day. For example, when he created a custom campaign to offer double points for all purchases, he saw an overall 65% increase in the number of visits.

Plus, the Loyalti team made the experience an incredible one by providing top-tier customer support and advice on marketing campaigns.

“I really like working with the Loyalti team. They’re very hands-on. I send them an email or sometimes like a text, and they respond right away.”

If you want to get results similar to Konan’s, book a demo today with the Loyalti team.

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