How Creamistry saved $90,000+ a year by switching to Loyalti


Savings per year

"I win, and my team wins when we see the increase in sales and foot traffic. Loyalti helps us increase our signups and increase the conversion rate of a new customer to a regular customer."




Six-figure customer loyalty program

In the early days of Creamistry, when they were a mom-and-pop shop, they knew that they needed a customer loyalty program to help customers come back to the store. Creamistry started by using Fivestars — a well-known customer loyalty brand.

The challenge, however, was that as Creamistry grew, the monthly price for every ice cream shop became extremely costly over time with Fivestars.

"Our biggest hurdle was just the monthly pricing for the stores. We realized that the Fivestars model just didn't make sense for the size of our brand anymore."

As marketing director of Creamistry, Kenny also knew that customer loyalty was critical to meeting revenue goals and generating repeat foot traffic at both a local and corporate-level.

"We need to be able to reach out to customers that may have forgotten us. We need the ability to send out promotions, both on a local level and system-wide. That's pretty invaluable to us. And the fact that we're able to send it out via both email and text messaging, I think that's of great value as well."

Kenny and his team began to reevaluate other tools and customer loyalty options but kept running into the same problem: the cost.

"At the time, we were looking at a lot of other platforms and brands. We were even entertaining creating our own system from the ground up. We really had to do our research, given our time and resources."


Franchise-level customer loyalty software for ⅓ of the price

Kenny needed a customer loyalty solution for the Creamistry franchise. It would need to have all of the main features of Fivestars, but more affordable for all 50 of his locations. Kenny was introduced to Loyalti, and after seeing a demo, quickly saw how it could completely replace Fivestars.

"It became clear that Loyalti was a good fit after seeing that the core features of Loyalti were pretty much identical with Fivestars — namely the automated campaigns, email messaging, text messaging, and data collection at the point of sale with hardware."

The kicker? The pricing of Loyalti was one-third the price of Fivestars.

"Once we saw the pricing and how easy it would be to implement, that's when we decided to pull the trigger. The money we saved from switching over to Loyalti enabled us to invest 15- more in our national marketing and branding initiatives, allowing us to increase store-level sales while also simultaneously increasing brand awareness and perception."

Because Kenny manages all of the marketing for the entire franchise, it was necessary to him that corporate and the franchisees could still run campaigns at both the local and corporate level.

"Our absolute favorite thing about Loyalti is our ability to send out local promotions and announcements via text and email."


Saving $90,000+ a year

Kenny and the Creamistry team were able to save more than $90,000 per year by making the switch from Fivestars to Loyalti. (On average Creamistry saves $1900/year for each location)

Plus, they're able to make sure that their customers don't forget about Creamistry, which is incredibly essential for keeping consistent foot traffic. For customers who haven't visited in 30, 60, and 90 days, Kenny runs an automated drip campaign through Loyalti. The campaign has generated over 16,000 visits in the last year without lifting a finger.

Text-messaging has also proven to outperform email marketing for Creamistry. Loyalti's text messaging converts 6 times better than email, and for Kenny, 1 in 3 people who sign up for Creamistry's loyalti program end up opting in to receive SMS offers.

"I win, and my team wins when we see the increase in sales and foot traffic. Loyalti helps us increase our signups and increase the conversion rate of a new customer to a regular customer."

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